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Über diesen Otter 🤘

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Ich habe diese Seite noch nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt.

Hi. My friends describe me as an adventurous river otter with experience to back up my strong opinions.

At my day job, I’m a Security Architect who has many other responsibilities (literally all things cloud, database, network, system, and security related in addition to internal & external customer support). I have almost two decades of expertise in digital forensics, incident response, network/physical/webapp penetration testing, malware analysis, cyber threat analysis, network engineering, and enterprise system/network administration.

I have an MS from Purdue University and a BS from Purdue University.

Outside of my day job, I tinker with programming, electronics, RF, and Newton’s laws of motion a lot. My interests include amateur radio, flying, photography, and building things I find useful using a combination of Go, Elixir, Rust, Python, and Vue.js.

I’m an ally. If you don’t believe trans rights are human rights, you are an idiot.

I enjoy traveling for the journey & destination.